Stove spares help and advice page

On this page you will find links to pages and guides that will help you either to fit spares to your stove or to care for your stove so that you do not uneccessarily damage it.

Stove spares guides

Using heat resistant spray paint guide How to prepare and apply heat resistant spray paint.

Heat resistant spray paint colour chart

How to look after your stove grate so that it does not burn out too fast.

Guide to changing the glass in your stove from removing the old stove glass, replacing the door rope and seals, to fitting the new pane of ceramic glass.

Guide to maintaining your stove regular care that your stove needs to work in tip-top condition.

Stove spares information

Information about our heat resistant paint manufacturer.

What is stove glass?.

What is stove mica?.

Which type of Morso Panther have I got?.

Why do I need Glass Seal?.

Why do I need a stove grate?.

Why do I need fire rope?.

Why do I need fire bricks?.

Why do I need a baffle plate?

How do I change firebricks?.

How do I change a baffle plate?

How do I change a flue spigot?.