How to change the glass in your stove

If your stove glass has broken or cracked then it will need replacing.

Start by brushing the inside of the stove door to remove loose dirt and ash.

Obviously if be careful not to cut yourself if there is exposed broken glass.

Most stove doors are removable often simply by lifting the door off the hinges. If the door is easily removable then taking it off the stove will certainly make the job simpler. Lay the door face down on a handy surface. If you are doing it the house then why not lay out some sheets of newspaper so that you don't get the surface dirty.

Stove glass is usually held in place with some simple metal catches or clips that are fixed to the door with a screw or bolt.

You will need to loosen these catches. Often you only need to twist the catch to the side instead of undoing the screw or bolt.

Tar deposits in the stove may well mean that that it is very difficult to loosen.

A solvent can help - apply DW40, or "duck oil", or equivalent to the catch. Let it sit a while and then gently start trying to move the catch with pliers.

As you move the catches be aware that they are holding any existing glass in place - do not let the broken glass fall on you or your hands whilst you work.

On many stoves the seal between the glass and the stove door is made using a tape or gasket.

This seal may well need replacing. We recommend you use a thermal tape (available on our sundries page) or the manufacturers own gasket.

Get the new glass and align it correctly with the stove door on top of the fire rope.

Twist the catches back into place. If you have loosened the screw or bolt then you should not over tighten these catches as you can risk cracking the glass. If they are over tight then the glass may also crack when the fire is lit as the stove door will expand slightly when it is hot.

Reduce the risk of cracking the glass again

Do not put cold liquids onto hot stove glass.

Do not over fill the fire box of your stove with lengths of wood that could potentially push against the glass when the stove door is closed.

Do not burn wood that is painted or treated - the chemicals released can sometimes damage stove glass.

Do not over tighten the catches holding the glass in place.

Make sure that when you chop kindling that it is not possible for a piece to fly off and hit the glass.