Ceramic Thermal Rope Seal spares

 Ceramic thermal rope seal

A thermal rope seal to seal stove doors and also often used behind stove glass. This smoke seal is usually fitted into a groove on the door and held in place with adhesive.

Some stove installers also use ceramic rope to seal between the flue pipe and the flue spigot. Ceramic rope is held in place with high temperature superseal rope glue.

Spare parts for the Ceramic thermal rope seal:

- 10mm ceramic rope seal kit
- 10mm soft black rope kit
- 12mm black rope kit
- 12mm ceramic rope seal
- 12mm soft black rope kit
- 12mm white rope seal kit
- 13mm black rope seal kit
- 14mm black soft rope seal kit
- 3mm ceramic rope seal
- 5mm rope seal kit
- 6mm black soft rope
- 6mm ceramic rope seal kit
- 6mm soft black rope kit
- 8mm rope seal kit
- 8mm soft black rope seal kit
- 9mm rope kit
- 9mm soft rope seal kit
- Aarrow door rope seal kit
- Morso 8mm rope kit
- Self adhesive webbing
- Silicone glue 9mm soft black rope kit
- Villager door rope seal kit