How to change the glass in a Morso Squirrel Standard

Look at the door of the Morso Squirrel Standard

You will notice that on the door of the Morso Squirrel Standard stove (you can tell it is a Standard as there are two round air vents) that there is a hood at the top of the door on the inside. This hood deflects air down over the door and provides a sort of airwash over the glass to try to help keep deposits on the window down.
The glass for the Squirrel slides up under that hood and is then held in place with the screws and clips at the bottom. There are no clips needed at the top. What is very necessary around the glass is glass seal.
This goes around the edge of the glass frame of the stove and seals the glass. The glass seal is an adhesive webbing tape.

Moving the glass clips on the Morso Squirrel Standard

I would not recommend actually trying to undo the clips - on an older stove they are likely to be seized and the most probable thing is that you will mess up the head of the screw or shear it off - then you will have to drill the screw out, re-thread the hole and use a screw of the right size for the new thread - all a bit tedious.
Here is the bodgers way of doing it - which usually works very well.
When Squirrel stove is still a bit hot but you are able to touch and hold the door - lift off the door.
Put WD40 or similar on the screw and to each side of the clip. Let that seep in for a few minutes.
Set an adjustable spanner to width of the clip - put the spanner on each side of the clip and gently turn until the clip starts to turn, gently waggle to free it up and then push the clip to one side.
You should now be able to get the glass out OK.
So take the glass out, clean the door and remove any old glass seal. Peel the paper backing off the glass seal, it is sometimes easiest to start peeling the paper off the side of the tape, rather than the end. Press the tape round the window of the door. Fit the new glass. Just slide the clip back across the glass and there you are - new glass in your Morso Squirrel Standard stove.

Your can find spare parts (like glass, glass clips, etc) for the Morso Squirrel Standard stove on this page: Morso Squirrel Standard stove spares.

Does the stove door rope need changing?

While you are there check the rope seal on the door of the stove. If it has squashed so it is not making a good seal or if it is coming away then you should probably change this too. You can refer to our Replacing your stove glass guide which has information about how to replace stove door rope. You will need some Morso 8mm rope. 8mm Morso rope is more squashy than standard rope and you will need to buy the proper stuff. You will also need some rope glue.