Why do I need Glass Seal?

Glass seal is used round the frame of the glass in the door of a stove. Stove glass seal stops the glass from actually touching the metal. It allows the glass to expand and contract independently to the metal of the stove.

Glass seal is a thin webbing tape with an adhesive paper backing. The paper backing is removed and the sticky side is attached to the metal frame - the glass butts up to it. The best way of removing the paper backing is to start peeling it from the side of the tape, not the end, as if you start from the end the glue is liable to come away with the paper.

Glass seal is available in several different widths, available in either black or white in colour.

Glass seal is not the same as the door rope seal which normally fits into a channel round the perimeter of the door.

Some stoves use a thinner glass gasket that is shaped to the actual piece of glass. If your stove uses a shaped gasket it is best to replace with the same product.