Why do I need fire bricks?

You will find that most stoves have firebricks or steel liners. Firebricks are fitted inside the firebox of the stove. The purpose of firebricks is two-fold. Firstly, they act as insulation, holding the heat within the firebox and secondly, by protecting the outer casing of the stove from overheating, which could cause it to crack if it is made of cast iron, or distort if it is made of steel.

We can supply firebricks for most models of stoves, but if you have a very old stove, or one that you do not know the make and model, you can use our custom cut firebrick. These are made of a light material called Vicuclad which has very good insulating properties. Vicuclad can easily be cut with a saw, even a bread knife, to the exact shape that you require.

The state of your firebricks should be regularly checked. If they should become cracked, or are starting to crumble, they should be replaced. Steel liners too can be replaced using the manufacturer�s replacement liner.