Westfire Uniq 21 Stove Spare Parts spares

 Westfire Uniq 21 stove

The Westfire Uniq 21 stove is a cylindrical stove with a large curved glass window at the front. The spare parts that you might need for this stove are firebricks and rope seals. There are two models depending on the age of your stove, the MkI and MkII. If you are in doubt about your model do contact us before placing your order.

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
800mm 450mm 430mm 150mm 1
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Spare parts for the Westfire Uniq 21 stove:

- Door rope seal Mk1
- Door rope seal Mk2
- Firebrick set
- Mk1 glass seal
- MkII spare glass
- Outer Baffle brick
- Rear firebrick
- Spare glass Mk1