Villager Kitchener Woodburning Stove Spare Parts spares

 Villager Kitchener woodburning stove

Due to the design of this stove -this model is very easy to recognise. The flue outlet is to one side of the model - on the left hand side of the stove - giving a top plate that is quite suitable for some cooking - lots of people put a flat bottomed pan or kettle on stove. The stove has 2 doors with glass in the doors for viewing the fire & very long legs - to bring it to a comfortable height for cooking on. The Kilowat output is max 8kw - the flue outlet is 150mm. You will be able to get spares for this stove - be it fire bricks or glass - rope or spare grate. Replacement rope for Villager stoves is 9mm. There is a boiler available for this stove.

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
688mm 600mm 370mm 150mm 2

Spare parts for the Villager Kitchener woodburning stove:

- Long leg set
- Air control knob
- Ash pan
- Baffle
- Bottom slider plate
- Door knob
- Door latch assembly
- Firebrick
- Fuel Retainer
- glass
- Glass gasket
- grate