Villager Chelsea Duo And Solo Multi Fuel Stove Spare Parts spares

 Villager Chelsea Duo and Solo multi fuel stove

The Villager Duo and Solo are a compact little stove - and are a versatile model - there is also an optional high or low canopy - which changes the look quite a lot too. As they can fit into a small fireplace opening it is suitable where room is a bit restricted. It used to be called the Chelsea - the dimensions were a little bit different to the Solo & Duo. They are a multi fuel stove - so have a grate & an ash pan. The Solo has got one door with glass in it to view the fire - with a flat top & one door . The Duo has two doors to view the fire. You can get spares for these models through our web site - glass & rope are probably some of the most commonly ordered spares - as well as grates & fire bricks.Replacement rope for Villager stoves is 9mm.The glass for the single door Chelsea is sealed with Self adhesive webbing. tape

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
480mm 451mm 334mm 125mm 1
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Spare parts for the Villager Chelsea Duo and Solo multi fuel stove:

- Air control knob
- Airwash slider plate
- Ashpan
- Ashpit Hinge pins x 2
- Ashpit slider plate
- Baffle plate for flat top model
- Baffle rear flue only
- Blanking plate
- Door hinge pins x 2 multifuel
- Door hinge pins x 2 Wood
- Door knob
- Door latch assembly
- Duo spare glass
- Flue collar
- Glass clip set
- Glass gasket for the double door
- Log retainer
- Multifuel grate casting
- Operating Tool
- Riddle bar
- Single door glass gasket
- Solo Spare glass kit
- Spare fire brick
- Wood conversion plate