Villager B Woodburning Stove Spare Parts spares

 Villager B woodburning stove

The Villager B wood burning stove is the middle range woodburner in the Villager series. It is available with a flat top or low & high canopy. It has 2 doors - with ther easily recognised curve of the outher top edge. There is glas in the 2 doors - so you can view the flames & the control is on 2 primary & 2 secondary air controls. The stove is an 8kw output stove - and there is a conversion kit available if you wish to change to burning fossil fuels as well as wood. The flue outlet is top or rear & 150mm diameter. You can get spares for this model - be it grates, fire bricks, glass or rope. Replacement rope for Villager stoves is 9mm.

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
839mm 585mm 350mm 150mm 2
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Spare parts for the Villager B woodburning stove:

- Air control knob
- Air Direction Plates
- Ashpan
- Baffle plate 1
- Baffle plate 2
- Boiler bung
- Bottom slider plate
- Brick retaining bar
- Door handle
- Door latch assembly
- Fire brick
- Flue collar with damper
- Glass clip set
- Glass gaskets
- Grate only
- Hotplate
- log retainer
- Multifuel conversion kit
- Operating Tool
- replacement glass
- Spare flue collar
- Spare Multifuel Fuel retainer
- Top slider plate