Spare glass kit for Aarrow Becton 11 multi fuel stove

This glass kit has everything needed to replace the glass on an Aarrow Becton 11 stove. It includes the stove glass, gasket and glass clips that hold the glass to the stove door. You must check the stove door casting number. If on the top right hand corner of the fire door there is the number CST 030 then this glass kit is the correct one.

Technical data

  • Height: 244mm
  • Made of: 4
  • Width: 391mm
at £107.40 inc. VAT

Fitting instructions

1.The stove door should be lifted off the hinges so that the above operations can be carried out on a workbench or similar level surface.

2.This should be done when the appliance is cold and unlit.

3.Remove the brushed steel finish trim by pressing on the curved edge at the top until the trim can be disengaged from the lugs.

4.Slide the two glass retainer clips on one side only, inwards, towards the centre of the door as far as they will go.

5.Pull this side of the glass away from the door casting, easing the tags on the glass retaining clips past the edge of the aperture in the door casting.

6. Remove the glass completely. Store glass retaining clips and white gasket (if sound) safely for re-use.

7. Follow this procedure in reverse to fit replacement door glass or gasket.

8. Once the above operations is complete the door glass is ready for use.

Take care not to over tighten the glass clips.