Spare parts for the Morso Panther 2110 stove

The Morso Panther 2110 is the old type Morso Panther. A lovely looking cast iron stove with two doors. This stove has a flat top and comes in black as standard. You can identify which Panther you have by referring to our Morso Panther id page.

Technical data

  • Airwash: Yes
  • Cleanburning: Yes
  • Defra Exempt for Smoke Control Areas: 1
  • Depth: 505mm
  • Directairstove: Yes
  • Efficiency: 72%
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A
  • Flue Diameter: 150mm
  • Fuel: Multifuel
  • Height: 605mm
  • Height to Centre Rear Flue: 490mm
  • Made of: Cast iron
  • Max Heat Output: 10kW
  • Max Log Length: 400mm
  • Min Heat Output: 1kW
  • Nominal Heat Output: 8kW
  • Width: 598mm

Technical Drawings

Morso Panther 2110 stove replacement side firebrick. The stove uses two of these, one on each side.
  • Height: 230mm
  • Width: 250mm
at £29.69 inc. VAT
Petal style riddling grate Replacement grate for Morso 2110 Panther stove.Please note this is the petal style grate, some models use the grid style grate.
at £98.75 inc. VAT
stove grate frame The grate frame for a Morso Panther 2110 stove. If you have burnt out your grate and grate frame then try to not burn coal so fast on the stove as this will prolong the life of the grates.
at £144.48 inc. VAT
Front grate Mk1 The front grate for a Morso Panther 2110 stove. This grate has twelve teeth. It stops the fuel falling out of the firebox.
at £61.25 inc. VAT
The flue collar is the part of the Morso Panther stove into which the flue pipe goes. The flue collar is also sometimes called the flue spigot and ensures a tar and smoke tight seal beteen the stove and flue.
at £86.26 inc. VAT
The Morso Panther stove has two possible flue exit points at the top and rear of the stove. The flue collar is fitted to one of these exit points and the blanking plate covers up the other.
at £73.75 inc. VAT
A replacement ashpan for the Morso Panther stove.
  • Depth: 230mm
at £48.76 inc. VAT
Grid style riddling grate A replacement riddling grate for the Morso 2110 Panther stove.This is the grid style grate.Please note some models use the Petal style grate.
at £99.68 inc. VAT
Inner Back Plate Morso Panther 2110 stove replacement inner back plate.
at £178.08 inc. VAT
Morso Panther 2110 stove replacement baffle plate
at £234.08 inc. VAT
Morso Panther 2110 stove replacement shaking handle or operating tool, used for riddling the grate and lifting out the ashpan.
at £29.69 inc. VAT
The door handle for Morso Panther 2110 stoves is removable. This means that it is fairly easy to loose your handle. If you have lost the handle for your Morso Panther do not worry - you can buy this spare stainless steel Panther handle!
at £99.68 inc. VAT
Morso Panther stove replacement glass clip set. This set includes four glass clips with four screws.
at £14.40 inc. VAT
Morso Squirrel Cleanheat multifuel stove replacement blanking plate lugs with screws. Two lugs and two screws are supplied.
at £8.24 inc. VAT