Morso Owl Multi Fuel Stove Spare Parts spares

 Morso Owl multi fuel stove

The Morso Owl is a very clean burn model - which the Environmental department has passed as one of the stoves acceptable to use as a wood burning stove in a smoke controlled area. This of course means it is a very clean burning stove - this also gives you the added bonus of getting more heat out of your fire wood & not having to load it as often as you would have to with a standard stove. The Morso Owl is a multi fuel stove - so you can burn smokeless fuel in the city and coal in the non restricted areas as well as wood. The Owl is available with Owl or ribbed sides - and you can also get a convection model - you can tell them apart as the sides of the convection model has got 2 sheets of metal - the air between the 2 sheets rises as it heats up & air gets pulled in underneath - this gives the stoves a more gentle heat output - please observe the dimensions of the 2 stoves are different. Therefore spares from one model will not fit the other.

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
688mm 487mm 495mm 150mm 1
Door sealed with Morso 8mm rope kit
Glass sealed with Black thermal tape
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Spare parts for the Morso Owl multi fuel stove:

- access cover
- back fire brick
- baffle plate
- Budget Glass Pack
- Coal inserts
- Flue collar
- front grate
- front side fire brick
- Glass clip set
- Grate frame
- rear side firebrick
- riddling grate
- spare door handle
- stove glass