Spare parts for the Morso Lion 1510 stove

Morso Lion 1510 stove

The Morso Lion is no longer in production but you will still be able to get some spares for it for many years to come, this is part of the joy of dealing with a well established firm. It is easy to identify the Morso 1510 stove as it has three lions on the sides, circular air control vents on each door and one above the doors. The Morso cast iron stoves have got a very long guarantee for the body of the stove - as they are very well made. It is therefore worth getting spares for this stove to ensure you look after it. Once a year it is a good idea to check your chimney - have it swept and use the opportunity to check the stove at the same time. You would normally check the fire bricks are intact - as you might otherwise damage the stove. At the same time you can look inside the stove and check the grate is in good working order and the ash pan intact. The fire rope will also need checking and you can look to make sure the rope is attached correctly all the way around the door. This will ensure a good seal and make sure that the air wash can work correctly. The Lion is a cast iron stove - and is multi fuel like the other Morso models. If you do not wish to burn coal you can let the ashes built up a bit more underneath the fire - as wood likes burning on a bed of ashes. The baffle plate is now obsolete and no longer available.

Technical data

  • Airwash: Yes
  • Cleanburning: Yes
  • Flue Diameter: 150mm

Technical Drawings

Door Sealed With: Morso 8mm rope kit
Glass Sealed With: Black thermal tape
Stove glass 1 Replacement stove glass for the Morso Lion old type stove. Please check the actual dimensions of the glass you have with the dimensions of the stove glass as shown on this page before you buy.
at £27.58 inc. VAT
Stove glass 2 Replacement ceramic glass for the new type Morso Lion stove. There are two types (old and new) of Morso Lion stove as well as a two and single doored version - please check the dimensions
at £50.08 inc. VAT
The flue pipe goes inside the flue collar on the Morso Lion stove. This ensures a good, tar tight, seal.
at £86.26 inc. VAT
The blanking plate covers the hole in the stove where the flue collar (also called the flue spigot) is not fitted.
at £73.75 inc. VAT
The operating tool for the Morso Lion stove makes it much easier to use the stove without burning your hands!
at £29.69 inc. VAT
riddling grate A replacement riddling grate for the Morso Lion stove. If your grate has burnt out then this may be due to burning the stove too hot on coal. This will damage internal parts of the stove. You should perhaps consider - installing extra insulation or another heating appliance. Having said that a grate is a part of a stove that will in time wear out.This grate is 195mm in diameter.
at £99.68 inc. VAT
A side fire brick for a Morso Lion stove
  • Height: 245mm
  • Width: 325mm
at £42.68 inc. VAT
Morso Lion 1510 stove replacement 2.34 kw boiler. There are two boiler sizes available the 8kw and the 15kw.
at £328.45 inc. VAT
Rear firebrick A rear fire brick for a Morso Lion stove. You need two of these for the Morso Lion 1510 model.
  • Height: 245mm
  • Width: 210mm
at £33.11 inc. VAT
Morso Lion 1510 stove replacement draught valve. There are two of these on the front of the stove.
at £29.69 inc. VAT
Morso Lion 1510 stove replacement door opening tool.
at £29.69 inc. VAT
Morso Lion stove replacement stainless steel door handle.
at £99.68 inc. VAT