Hunter Herald 8 Stove Spare Parts spares

 Hunter Herald 8 stove

The Hunter Herald 8 has got an 8-11kw output - it is a wood or multi fuel stove. You can have a 1 or 2 door model & on the present model the crosses on the doors can be removed for a plainer look or left on for a traditional cottage design. There are longer legs available for the Hunter stoves - and you can also get a double sided model - either single depth or double depth. The throat plate is removable - so that there is easy access for sweeping. Especially important if you have got the model with a built in boiler. The integral built in boiler is 35000btu - you can also get a clip in boiler - 13.500btu. You can get spares for this stove - replacement grates & fire rope to make sure the air wash works well.

There are many types of Hunter stove with various spares for each type. There are MK1, MK2, Pre CE and CE - many with different spares. How can you tell which is which?
Measure the glass and tell us.
Count the grate bars or is it a static grate?
If it has a metal throat plate and standard rectangular glass then it is a MK1.
If it has a board baffle (not metal) and shaped door glass then it is a MK11.
If there is a bar with holes in it in between the baffle and brick then it is a C.E.

If in doubt contact us with these details!

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
575mm 635mm 364mm 150mm 5
Door sealed with 10mm ceramic rope seal kit
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Spare parts for the Hunter Herald 8 stove:

- ashpan
- Baffle CE boiler
- Baffle plate boiler Pre Ce MK1
- Baffle Plate CE
- blanking plate
- Bottom brick bar
- Cam bar
- Catch bar
- CE Baffle
- Door catch
- Door knob cast
- Door seal kit
- flue collar
- Flue damper
- Gasket for flue collar
- Glass 2 door CE
- Glass clip and screw set
- Glass gasket CE double door
- Glass gasket single door CE
- Grate bar high CE
- Grate bar low CE
- Infill side firebricks
- Knob for air control slider
- Log guard MK1
- Operating tool
- pair of rear firebricks
- Rear firebrick Mk2 Pre CE
- Rear Firebrick CE multifuel
- Rear Firebrick CE wood
- Rear firebrick MK1 Pre CE
- Rear woodburning firebrick mk1
- Rope kit CE
- Side firebrick Pre CE
- Side Firebrick CE
- Side firebrick Mk2 Pre CE
- Side multifuel firebrick mk1
- Single door rope kit
- Slimline baffle CE
- Slimline multifuel rear firebrick
- Slimline multifuel side firebrick
- Slimline side firebrick
- Slimline wood side firebrick
- Small rear firebrick boiler
- Spare baffle 3yr boiler
- Spare rear firebrick wood
- stove glass double door
- stove glass single door
- Top air control slider
- Top air duct gasket
- Top retainer bar