Hunter Herald 14 Stove Spare Parts spares

 Hunter Herald 14 stove

The Hunter 14 is the biggest in the Herald series - it has a big output of 12-16kw & like the other models it is available as a wood burning stove or a multi fuel model. The multi fuel model will burn wood as well as coal & smokeless fuel & has a riddling grate - riddled by an external riddling handle. You can have a 1 or 2 door model. There are also models that heat your water which are fitted with a boiler. Double sided models can be either double depth or single depth.
Each type of Hunter stove uses different spares. There are MK1, MK2, Pre CE and CE, boiler or non-boiler. Please contact us if you are unsure about your model.
How can you tell which is which?
Measure the glass and tell us.
Count the number of grate bars or is it a static grate?
Measure the firebricks
Measure the baffle plate
If in doubt contact us with these details!

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
595mm 730mm 500mm 150mm 5
Glass sealed with 6mm ceramic rope seal kit
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Spare parts for the Hunter Herald 14 stove:

- ashpan
- Back firebrick CE multifuel
- Back firebrick Pre CE multifuel
- Baffle CE
- Baffle plate MK11 and CE
- blanking plate
- Bottom brick bar
- Damper
- Door knob
- Door seal kit PreCe
- Drop in catch bar
- Fan catch
- Flue collar
- Front extension kit
- Glass 2 door CE
- Glass CE single door
- Glass gasket single door Pre CE
- Glass gasket CE double door
- Glass gasket single door CE
- Glass panel CE
- Grate bar high
- Grate bar low
- Grate cam
- Hinge pins
- Log retainer
- Multi fuel kit
- Operating tool
- Rear firebrick CE woodburner
- Rear firebrick Pre CE wood
- Recouping baffle
- Recouping baffle non boiler
- Replacement baffle boiler
- Replacement glass single door CE
- replacement stove glass double door
- Rope seal kit CE 2 door
- Side firebrick CE non boiler
- Side firebrick CE with boiler
- Side multifuel firebrick Mk1
- side woodburning firebrick mk1
- Single door rope kit
- Slider Knob
- Spare rear firebrick CE V2
- Spare side firebrick CE V2
- Steel baffle Pre Ce
- Stove glass single door
- Top rear firebrick retainer bar
- Turbo bar
- Version 2 rear firebrick
- Wood conversion kit