How do I change a baffle plate?

The baffle plate (sometimes called a throat plate) in a stove is a plate of metal or firebricks set at an angle inside the stove. At the back of the stove the baffle is low and the front it is high. The back of the baffle plate usually rests against the top of the back fire bricks or a metal ledge and is usually supported on metal pins at the front/top.

When the stove is cold, first remove all the ash and debris from the fire box. If the baffle is metal then, using a wire brush, brush off any soot and tar that has collected on the baffle. If it is a firebrick or vermiculite baffle plate then gently brush it with a soft brush to remove debris. 

Have a close look and you should see how the baffle comes out. Often you just have to lift it and twist it slightly and it will come out. Usually you have to keep the plate at an angle so that it can fit through the stove doors. If the baffle is made of vermiculite firebricks then be extra careful not to break them.

Carefully slide out the baffle plate, most slide out at an angle. If it is a metal baffle that has become distorted you may need to coax it out with a hammer. Replace with the new baffle, sliding it carefully into position. Your stove is now ready for use.