Glass for Stovax Brunel 2CB multifuel stove

A replacement glass panel for the Stovax Brunel 2CB stove.

Technical data

  • Depth: 4mm
  • Height: 281mm
  • Made of: ceramic stove glass
  • Width: 266mm
at £54.84 inc. VAT

Fitting instructions

Fitting new stove door glass

1 - Remove the door from the stove, by opening, removing the hinge pins and lifting the door free of the hinge blocks. Then lie the door face down on a soft flat surface, to protect the paintwork and glass.

2 - Using a screwdriver remove the glass clip fixing screws. The old glass can then be lifted clear of the door. (Note how the 3mm sealing rope is placed between the glass and the door.)

3 - Remember to dispose of the old glass safely.

4 - Clean and re-paint the rear of the door if required. Clean the screws with light oil (if you want to get really technical then and coat with high temperature anti-seize grease, this will aid future removal.

5 - Fit a new sealing rope between the new glass and the door, and place the glass into position in the door. Place the glass fixing clips in to position and re-fix with the clean fixing screws, tighten the screws evenly until the clips hold the glass. Do not over tighten the clips as this could break the glass.

Using the stove with a damaged door glass could cause dangerous fumes to enter the room, or the stove to overfire, resulting in damage.