Esse 100 Multi Fuel Stove Spare Parts spares

 Esse 100 multi fuel stove

The Esse 100 is made by the manufacturer Esse as a combination steel & cast iron stove - steel has been used for part of the body - whereas cast iron has been used for all the areas where movement might happen ie around doors, flue pipe etc. It is the same width & height as the Esse 200 - but it has a slim line - so is has a more narrow depth than the Esse 200 multi fuel model. It will therefore be suited to a setting where you either have quite a narrow depth fire place or you just want the bigger view of the fire through the big glass door - but you do not want the higher output of the Esse 200. The air wash will keep the glass cleaner - letting you enjoy the visual effect of the flames as well as getting the benefit of the heat. The Esse 100 has got a 5kw nominal output - quite often enough for a standard living room -it also means you do not have to supply ventilation to the room as building regulation states this is needed for stoves with a nominal output above 5kw. It is easy to identify on the dimensions of the big single door - It has a handle on the right hand side of the door & a drawer with a handle on it underneath the door - this is where you collect the ashes. Both the Esse 100 & 200 have got the after burn installed giving good efficiency. You will be able to order spare glass & rope and sealant kit for this model.

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
630mm 610mm 310mm 125mm 1
Glass sealed with 3mm ceramic rope seal
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Spare parts for the Esse 100 multi fuel stove:

- Ashpan
- Baffle plate
- Blanking plate
- Flue collar
- Glass
- Grate
- Operating tool
- Rear firebricks
- Set of firebricks
- Side firebricks