Dovre 2700 Woodburning Stove Spare Parts spares

 Dovre 2700 woodburning stove

The 2700 is the biggest of the 2000 series - another cast iron stove - please observe the canopy is steel - as it sometimes needs to be adjusted. You can install it as a free standing stove - usually installed on a plinth & if the fireplace setting is large with the side panels as well. If you install it as a built in model you might want to use the legs to raise it off the ground - please keep in mind you cannot install stove with legs & plinth - as the legs get in the way of the plinth. Some people leave off the side panels - if a smaller setting -as the sides on the 2000- series slide in & out of view - so might not be needed unless a big fire place opening. If you build the stove in you will not need the canopy. You can run this wood burner with the doors open or shut - it will give you all the good effects of an open fire but you will be able to control the fire much more & overcome some of the problems some people experience with open fires -the draw might not work well if the fire place opening is too big. When you close the doors you will be able to get the benefit of the higher kilowatt heat output along with the security that you can leave the room & there is no risk of the fire throwing sparks into your living space and creating a possible fire risk. The replacement glass for the Dovre 2700 is 370mm X 135mm.

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
915mm 725mm 550mm 200mm 2
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Spare parts for the Dovre 2700 woodburning stove:

- Ashpan
- Flue spigot
- Glass
- Inner back plate
- Operating tool
- Rope kit

Dovre 2700 woodburning stove exploded spare parts diagrams

If in doubt it is always best to identify which part you need for your stove, then email us with the part numbers you need - we can then point you in the right direction and make sure you get the correct parts.

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Dovre 2700 woodburning stove exploded diagram