Dovre 2000 Multi Fuel Stove Spare Parts spares

 Dovre 2000 multi fuel stove

The Dovre 2000 is the multi fuel version in the 2000 series - This model will give you the choice of burning wood or coal & smokeless fuel on your multi fuel stove as it has a grate for this purpose. You will of course be able to get replacement items for it - be it the grate & ash pan or the glass for the doors. The 2000 series can be installed with 3 different canopies - a small, medium & large size plus the Countryman canopy - same height as the tall canopy - but design is a little different.. This canopy sits on top of the stove & curves up & in creating a gentle curve & the illusion that the canopy carries on up the chimney. You can either use your stove with the doors open - they fold to the sides creating the same situation as an open fire -or shut - where you have got the security that no sparks can create a danger to the setting in the living room & you will also have the added benefit of the higher output. Please be aware that it might be best to install all models in the 2000 series without a flue damper. The flue damper is supplied with the stove - but if you install it you will not be able to sweep the chimney through the stove. You would therefore have to install a flue pipe with a door in it for the chimney sweep to gain access & in order to get to this door - you would need to remove the canopy every time the sweep comes in.

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
950mm 725mm 560mm 200mm 2
Glass sealed with 6mm ceramic rope seal kit
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Spare parts for the Dovre 2000 multi fuel stove:

- Ashpan super
- Circular grate
- Flue spigot
- Glass clip
- Inner back plate standard (2700)
- Mini ashpan
- Mini grate
- Operating tool
- Outer grate frame
- replacement glass 115 by 100
- replacement glass 175 by 135
- replacement glass 200 x 135
- replacement glass 203 x 134
- replacement glass 370 by 135
- replacement glass 410 by 130
- Rope kit
- Spare inner back plate super