Dovre 1800 Woodburning Stove Spare Parts spares

 Dovre 1800 woodburning stove

This is the baby in the 2000 series - it is an ideal stove for the smaller setting - it is available with a choice of 3 different canopies - small, medium & large. It is a cast iron stove - the canopy is made of steel - as it sometimes needs adjusting at the top. You would choose the woodburning stove with the size canopy to make total height just taller than the lintel -this will give the appearance of the stove canopy carrying on up the chimney. You might prefer to install as a built in model - not using the canopy. You can install it using the plinth & side panels if you wish - they are optional. Please note that the design on the plinth is different on the different models. It has 2 doors - that fold back to the sides - to create the same direct view of the fire as you get with an open fire. You will of course be able to get spares for this stove - if the glass breaks you would want to measure the size to make sure you have got the correct model,so avoid disappointment when ordering.

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
700mm 530mm 340mm 150mm 2
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Spare parts for the Dovre 1800 woodburning stove:

- Glass 1
- Glass 2
- Grate
- Operating tool
- Rope kit