Spare parts for the Coalbrookdale Darby

Coalbrookdale Darby stove

The Coalbrookdale Darby is a unique looking high output 16kW stove. The double doors have latticed windows and an air vent below. The ash door has two air vents and the flat top of the stove steps out slightly wider than the body. The Darby uses a 9mm rope seal on the doors, 3 metres is required. Replacement parts for the Darby are now very limited. We can supply glass, custom cut vermiculite firebricks and rope seals only.

Technical data

  • Airwash: Yes
  • Cleanburning: Yes

Technical Drawings

glass for A type A replacement glass panel for Coalbrookdale Darby A stoves.
  • Depth: 4mm
  • Height: 190mm
  • Made of: Ceramic stove glass
  • Width: 228mm
at £34.62 inc. VAT
glass for B type Coalbrookdale Darby B type replacement stove glass.
  • Depth: 4mm
  • Height: 76mm
  • Made of: Ceramic stove glass
  • Width: 190mm
at £10.39 inc. VAT