Broseley Hercules Spare Parts spares

 Broseley Hercules

The Broseley Hercules is a two door boiler stove. It comes in 3 different sizes the 12B, 20B and 30B, the dimensions given are for the 12B. We can supply spare parts for these stoves. The glass sizes are the same for all 3 models.

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
768mm 747mm 440mm 160mm 2
Glass sealed with 6mm black soft rope

Spare parts for the Broseley Hercules:

- Baffle for the 30B
- Door handle
- Door seal
- Glass clips
- Glass for the 20B
- Grate set Hercules 20
- Grate set Hercules 30
- Mk1 glass
- Mk2 glass
- Screws for glass clips
- Spin wheel
- Spin wheel
- Tertiary Air Tube