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 Aga Little Wenlock

Aga has now taken over making the Little Wenlock. The Aga Little Wenlock was first manufactured in 2006. If your stove is older than this you have the Coalbrookdale Little Wenlock stove. Spare parts for the Aga Little Wenlock are not the same as the Coalbrookdale Little Wenlock. Please check the dimensions of the stove to make sure you have got the right model.This means you will be able to get the right spares for it. The Aga Little Wenlock is available with 2 different windows -the traditional window with crosses on the door - whereby the glass is divided into 6 sections or the contemporary window - with 1 plain glass. The stove has a 4kw output & it is available with a small boiler or as a dry model. It is a multi fuel stove - so you can burn wood & smokeless fuel too. The flue outlet diameter is 125mm & can come out of the top or the back of the stove. The Aga little Wenlock is available in black or enamel & is produced as a multi fuel stove an oil or a gas stove. The Aga little wenlock Classic uses a slightly different Baffle and also has an Airwash slider at the top of the stove above the door.

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
535mm 390mm 380mm 125mm 1
Glass sealed with Black thermal tape

Spare parts for the Aga Little Wenlock:

- Glass

Aga Little Wenlock exploded spare parts diagrams

If in doubt it is always best to identify which part you need for your stove, then email us with the part numbers you need - we can then point you in the right direction and make sure you get the correct parts.

Click on the exploded parts diagram for the model of Aga Little Wenlock that you have

Aga Little Wenlock multifuel stove exploded diagram
Aga Little Wenlock Classic stove exploded diagram