Spare parts for the Aarrow Acorn 4 stove

Aarrow Acorn 4 stove

The Aarrow Acorn 4 is a relatively small steel stove with a single door at the front which is curved at the top. In the stove door is a relatively small window which is curved at the bottom and the top. There are primary and secondary air controls in the door as well and a handle with a spiral grip.

Technical data

  • Airwash: Yes
  • Cleanburning: Yes
  • Defra Exempt for Smoke Control Areas: No
  • Depth: 350mm
  • Efficiency: 70.81%
  • Flue Diameter: 100mm
  • Height: 458mm
  • Max Heat Output: 4.5kW
  • Min Heat Output: 1kW
  • Width: 355mm
Door Sealed With: Aarrow door rope seal kit
Aarrow Acorn 4 replacement side firebrick
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Height: 243mm
  • Width: 188mm
at £21.80 inc. VAT
Flue spigot The 100mm (4inch) flue spigot for an Aarrow Acorn 4 stove. The flue spigot allows a tar and smoke tight connection to be made between the stove and flue pipe.
at £55.08 inc. VAT
Clips for glass A set of glass clips for an Aarrow Acorn 4 stove. These clips hold the window glass in place.
at £11.44 inc. VAT
A grate bar for an Aarrow Acorn 4 stove. If you have old style grate bars you will need a complete new set.
  • Depth: 222mm
at £20.95 inc. VAT
Aarrow Acorn 4 replacement back firebrick
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Height: 240mm
  • Width: 140mm
at £17.75 inc. VAT
Replacement glass Spare glass for an Aarrow Acorn 4 stove. Take care not to overtighten the fixing clips onto the glass.
at £24.02 inc. VAT
Throatplate mk2 Replacement throatplate for the newer Aarrow Acorn 4 models, manufactured after 2012. This part is sometimes called the baffle plate.
at £49.39 inc. VAT
Spare glass kit for an Aarrow Acorn 4 or 5 stove. The kit includes replacement glass, gasket and glass clips.
  • Depth: 4mm
  • Height: 185mm
  • Made of: Ceramic stove glass
  • Width: 165mm
at £51.06 inc. VAT
Blanking plate Aarrow Acorn 4 stove blanking plate. This is sometimes referred to as a 4" hot plate, it has two lugs on it.
at £51.16 inc. VAT
Glass gasket and glass clips Aarrow Acorn 4 stove replacement glass gasket and glass clips. Please note the original gasket is no longer available.
at £23.33 inc. VAT
Aarrow acorn 4 & 5 floor fixing kit
at £33.30 inc. VAT
Baffle Acorn 4 replacement baffle.
at £38.30 inc. VAT
Aarrow Acorn 4 replacement glass for the older model
  • Depth: 4mm
  • Height: 170mm
  • Made of: Ceramic Glass
  • Width: 170mm
at £26.42 inc. VAT