Stanley Superstar Solid Fuel Stove Spare Parts spares

The Stanley Superstar solid fuel stove has been renamed as the Donnard stove. The hob uses 10mm rope seal. We can supply parts for this stove.

Spare parts for the Stanley Superstar Solid Fuel Stove:

- Ashpan
- Bonnet assembly
- Cleaning door locking plate
- Complete door knob
- Damper axle
- Door handle
- Door rope
- Firebar frame
- Firebar special
- Firebar standard
- Inner glass
- Operating tool
- Oven damper knob
- Secondary Air Pipe
- Spin valve
- Thermostat
- Thermostat knob brown
- Towel rail bracket

Stanley Superstar Solid Fuel Stove exploded spare parts diagrams

If in doubt it is always best to identify which part you need for your stove, then email us with the part numbers you need - we can then point you in the right direction and make sure you get the correct parts.

Click on the exploded parts diagram for the model of Stanley Superstar Solid Fuel Stove that you have

Stanley Superstar Solid Fuel stove exploded diagram