Hunter Hawk 3 Spare Parts spares

 Hunter Hawk 3

The Hunter Hawk 3 is the smallest of the Hunter range. Available as wood or multifuel with a flat top or a canopy. There are two types of door, if your door has a rope design on it you have the traditional stove. If it does not have the rope design you will need to order the glass for the 3D.

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
507mm 346mm 342mm 127mm 1
Glass sealed with 6mm ceramic rope seal kit
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Spare parts for the Hunter Hawk 3:

- Ashpan
- Baffle plate 3CE
- Baffle plate Mk1
- Door seal kit 1
- Door seal kit 2
- Fan catch MK1 wood
- Flue collar
- Glass clip and screw set
- Glass for Hawk 3d
- Glass Mk1
- Grate bar high with high end
- Grate bar low with thick end
- Operating tool
- Rear firebrick MK1 multifuel
- Rear firebrick Mk1 wood
- Rear Firebrick multifuel CE and CEV11
- Rear firebrick multifuel CE V11
- Rear firebrick wood CE and CE V11
- Rear firebrick wood MK11 and CE
- Rear support bar
- Recouping baffle CE V11
- Side brick 3CE
- Side firebrick MK1 Multifuel
- Side firebrick multifuel CEV11
- Side firebrick wood CE and V11
- Side plate left 3CE
- Side plate right 3CE