Clearview Pioneer Oven Stove Spare Parts spares

The Clearview Pioneer Oven stove is a tall stove. It has a section for firewood at the bottom and a small warming oven for cooking baked potatoes & warming casseroles. The top plate can be used for cooking kettles etc. It has a single door with a glass view of fire - top outer corners of glass is curved. There is a vent under the door on front of the stove. This is a good quality clean burning stove with airwash. You can get spares for the Clearview stoves - you might prefer to enter glass dimensions as custom cut glass as this would be quicker.

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
1076mm 524mm 376mm 150mm 1
Door sealed with 12mm ceramic rope seal

Spare parts for the Clearview Pioneer Oven stove:

- Ashpan
- Baffle
- Circular Grate
- Door handle assembly
- Firebrick Set
- Front Bar
- Outer Grate
- Riddling Arm