Clearview 750 Spare Parts spares

The Clearview 750 is the biggest of the Clearview stoves with an output of 14 kw The stove has 2 doors with a curve on the outer edge. It is a very well built British stove,with good airwash & cleanburn,so the glass stays clean. You can also get a smokecontrol system to use the stove in a smokeless area. We supply stove spares for this stove - glass & rope & glue are regularly ordered - grates and fire bricks can also be replaced. Any spares not listed on site - please e-mail us and we will check price and availability. It is available with 3 different size boilers. 10.000btu boiler - this has 2 tapping points on the back of stove. 27.000btu boiler & 45.000btu boiler - these have 4 tapping points on the back of the stove.

Height Width Depth
712mm 755mm 440mm
Door sealed with 12mm ceramic rope seal

Spare parts for the Clearview 750:

- Ashpan Base
- Ashpan Complete
- Baffle Plate
- Brass handle
- Door latch assembly
- Firebrick set
- Front bar
- Glass
- Grate