Clearview 650 Flat Top Spare Parts spares

The Clearview 650 is a 10kw output stove. It is available as a flat top model, or with a low canopy ( height 905mm) or high canopy (height 1120mm) It has 2 doors with a decorative curve on the top outer corners. It has not got leg & is also available with 3 different boiler sizes - 10.000btu, 27.000btu & 40.000btu. The 10.000btu boiler model has 2 tapping points on the back, the other 2 have 4 tapping points on the back of the stove. We can supply spares for this stove, often people order the stove glass, rope & glue is also available. You can e-mail us to get a price & availability on Spares

Height Width Depth Flue Size
703mm 625mm 440mm 175mm
Door sealed with 12mm ceramic rope seal

Spare parts for the Clearview 650 flat top:

- Ashpan Base
- Ashpan Complete
- Baffle
- Firebrick set
- Flue collar
- Front bar
- Glass
- Glass rope seal
- Grate
- Support cheeks