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 Cera Quadriga stove

The Cera Quadriga is a tall rectangular contemporary style 7kw woodburning stove. You can view the fire from three sides as there is a clear panel in each of the highly reflective glass sides. The glass panels are double-glazed so keeping the temperature within the firebox high which helps in giving efficient combustion as well as keeping them clean. The door has a self-closing mechanism. The Cera Quadiga stove acts as a convection stove, air is drawn up through the base, into the firebox and then passes out into the room through airvents located in the top of the stove. Just below the air vents a small humidifier tank allows the warm air to be moistened so giving extra comfort to the room. To load the stove, logs are placed upright through the opened door. Burning logs in this way increases combustion efficiency as well as looking great when burning. The main body of the stove is made of steel and protected by a senotherm coating in black or grey. The firebox is lined with Vermiculite firebricks in which the riddling grate and ashpan fit. The S and HS models have the top panel made from soapstone which acts as a good heat regulator. There is also a two-sided model of the Cera Quadriga stove, more suitable for corner situations.

Height Width Depth Flue Size Doors
1288mm 460mm 460mm 150mm 1
Door sealed with 3mm ceramic rope seal
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Spare parts for the Cera Quadriga stove: